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10th May 2006
Amaranth Merchandise
Get your Amaranth swag while it's hot! More items to follow.

18th April 2006
New Bassist for Amaranth
Long-time member Dave has decided to that his musical vision doesn't align with Amaranth's anymore and quit the band. We wish him the best in his future endeavours! Joining us on bass now is Nick Gagg, who will be heard on some new recordings due out soon.

15th January 2006
First Gig of the Year
We are supporting Season's End at the Ferryboat in Norwich, on Friday 31st March. Also on board are classic rockers Serpent Sins.

23rd November 2005
New Song Available Online
The Difference is now available in full as an MP3 download in the music section, and showcases one of the varied styles that will feature on our upcoming EP.

28th July 2005
Recording Update
I thought I'd give a bit of an update on the recording. We're sorry it has taken so long but the whole recording and mixing is a learning process for us. We have finished The Difference, Follow the Sun and Phase IV. Work is ongoing on what will probably be the title track: Shapes.

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